Ordering Your Food


Here is some information about how to  order,
and what to expect once your order has been placed.


Here’s the Process!

On this website, go to Menu Items to view all the available meal options.

  1. Select your desired meal(s). Your order must be at least $50
  2. If you are following a Keto diet, you can select the KETO option in the menu items for a starch substitute.
  3. Add the item(s) to your cart. You may continue shopping or check out now.
  4. Check out and select your delivery date. We deliver on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will need to supply your address, email address, and payment method. You also must be in our delivery area (ZIP Codes: 86351, 86341, 86340, 86339, 86336, 86331, 86326, 86325, 86324, 86322).
  5. The cooler will arrive in the morning of the day you set for delivery. Remove all the prepared food from the cooler and follow the instructions provided for heating and or cooking according to the instruction sheet (preparation info is also available online on the Preparation page).
  6. Place the containers back in the cooler, place the cooler outside, and call or text for pickup.
















































The cooler that contains your items

The containers inside with your food